Boost teaching quality with our students-based and uniquely designed

Evaluation, Assessment and Scoring System!

How do you evaluate the effectiveness of a teacher? You may collect data in many ways, these include structured interviews with students, instructional rating surveys, tests and exams, content analysis of instructional materials, and review of classroom records. You probably already use many of these and the processing of the data is incredibly time consuming and not as accurate as it should be.

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introducing STSS, Smarts Teachers Scoring System, the first and incredibly unique scoring system, which aims to assist high school, college and university teachers, who are seeking to improve their teaching abilities and boost their students’ achievements while enhancing the positive classroom experience for their students. At the end of each semester, students will receive our digital teacher assessment, evaluation and scoring questioner, created in the most accessible and intuitive way. It will allow the students to rate each of their teachers, on various and relevant parameters. The evaluation is filled out anonymously and will be sent as a PDF document to the teacher, who will be able to draw their own conclusions, self-reflection, and improve some of their teaching aspects if and when needed.

STSS has proven itself in providing a positive experience, being used for the last 6 years, with great success in Israel’s most prominent academic institutions!

  • No chance for bias – STSS has the ability to detect when students attempt to criticize or over-praise when scoring their teachers.
  • Accurate and balanced feedback – STSS considers the number of students per teacher, creating a weighted scoring average.
  • Easy integration with any academic institution systems – STSS is easily applied to current platforms and has the function to access students and teachers.
  • User-friendly – both teachers and students can easily log on and use STSS.